ATTENTION: Action-Takers, Side Hustlers, & Purpose-Driven Change-Makers of Existing Diverse Businesses:

Ready to Apply Proven Systems in Your Business that Empower You to Work Less, Earn More, and Grow More Consistently... Even in a Volatile Economy?

Photo of H.T. Major, Results Strategist & Author

H.T. Major

"I'll personally help YOU milk more results from your current leads, clients, and traffic, guaranteed.​

You'll learn what to do differently to spark more sales, referrals, and industry authority to level up and continue thriving, despite any industry downturns."

(P.S. Better results guaranteed, or I’ll pay YOU. Learn more below.)

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your company’s growth rate isn't matching all the time you put in... and you’re burnt out with no time to focus on YOU;
  • You're working so hard ON the business that you’re too tired, frustrated, or burnt out to take proper care of your basic needs, your family, or your health.
  • You’re unsure how to choose marketing that's right for YOU... so you just go for “the big two” (SEO and social), because it’s “what everyone else is doing.”
  • You don’t understand WHY some marketing works so well for "certain" businesses... when the marketing YOU choose neither creates nor sustains consistent growth for YOUR business.
  • You’re not actually doing any regular, purposeful marketing at all… so you have little control over your client numbers, revenue, growth rate, and sales volume.

If you saw yourself in any scenario above, don't beat yourself up -- you're one of many. Honestly, we all go through at least one of those stages from time to time. We place these expectations on ourselves to be "perfect, levelheaded business owners" at all times, but... our businesses are still run by humans.

And sometimes, we humans become discouraged, distracted, depressed, or even doubtful that we know what we're doing any more, and we start to wonder,

"Which steps do I take next that will get me to where I want to go in the easiest, quickest way?"

But there's a way to get "unstuck" and STILL level up, no matter where you're starting from.

The issue is that YOU are unique. And most approaches to "growing business" are just too generic to make any impact.

Before any business can set itself up for consistent sustainable growth, it needs to get crystal clear on what's important.

Most small businesses are extremely vulnerable to profit loss during economic and marketplace changes, due to not understanding their unique advantages, setting realistic goals, and mapping out a clear, step-by-step plan to achieve them.

Just as importantly, a lot of us are also not clear on what the best, fastest ways are to secure results, or what tools and systems we can use to speed growth without adding more to the daily workload. 

There are thousands of business and marketing resources out there, but they touch very generally on how to promote and grow a business.

And they don't even address sustainability -- how to "future-proof" your business to avoid being "tossed and driven" by the economy, the competition, or whatever's going on in the world. (Hello, COVID-19.)

Even worse, these resources and experts almost always default to the same generic ideas: "Use ‘Google’ and ‘social media’ to grow your business!"


It's a little misleading, because while you might spend hours and hours per week (or hundreds to thousands per month) trying to get a handle on these generic ways of promoting your business... if you don't have the right STRATEGIC SYSTEMS in place to get the most from your efforts, you're just throwing money out the window.

And if you're trying to go it alone without teaming up with someone who's been there, done that... then you're progressing way slower than you need to, and doing far more work than you have to.

Did you know these troubling facts from the
Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Association?

Only 40% of small businesses turn a profit.

Only 30% of small businesses are barely breaking even.

The remaining 30% of small businesses are losing money.

half of small businesses with employees fail within the first five years.

But why?

One company did a study of thousands of startup businesses to find out. (A "startup" is a business within its first five years or one that is still self-funding.)

Discover the 10 most common reasons WHY
most startups fizzle out, die off, and fail into oblivion.

Also, learn 10 strategic ways to fail-proof YOUR small business.

Let's assassinate the wealth gap and ride out any recession.

The wealth gap is real, and we can't fix it overnight.

But it starts with each of us living to our full potential, with our businesses continuing to grow consistently and steadily over time, so we can do our important work, take care of our families, build that generational wealth, and reach back... but also live the lives we DESERVE and have always known were possible.

So if you want more results from your current efforts… if you're ready to take control of your financial future without a hefty ongoing investment of time and money… and if you want to give back to our community and recirculate the Black dollar while doing it, then let's do this.

There IS a better way.

I can teach you how to implement smart, strategic SYSTEMS that help you future-proof your business. 

These are systems that both small businesses of one and huge, multimillion dollar organizations use and have used to solidify their foundation, grow and thrive in any economic climate, and accomplish more without working more. So we know that they work.

This system has been used across multiple industries, for businesses of various sizes, and it's withstood the test of time.

I've consolidated it into something called The GROW IT! Formula, and it can help you:

  1. Get clear on your coordinates (goals).
  2. Recognize how and why you went off course.
  3. Outline your desired destination.
  4. Work up best, proven routes to get there.
  5. Inspect (or install) your systems.
  6. Team up to take off.

The process sounds deceptively simple, but it truly is the key to more free time, less stress, greater clarity, better self-sufficiency, and improved peace and satisfaction with the business and lifestyle you've chosen to build.

I'll show you how in just a minute, but first...

Who in the @#%$%^& is H.T. Major?

Photo of H.T. Major, Results Strategist & Author

That's a really good question.

Statistics show that it takes most small businesses 2-3 YEARS to ever see a profit. But me?

I started my first business at Age 19.

I had NO business management experience,
 and NO experience in the industry I chose.

I truly started from nothing.

Even still, without a bunch of credit, and with zero funding…
I converted my “side hustle” to a profitable, full-time marketing company just 11 months.

Today, my client list ranges from large organizations--like Cotton Incorporated, University of North Carolina, the Boys and Girls Club, and The Space Foundation--to the beloved small business, local nonprofit, and solopreneur.

I help diverse businesses and their allies improve efficiency  level up, using many of the same "guerrilla marketing" tactics I used then, and still use today, to remain at the top of my field.

Speaking of which...


The Marketing Twists™ Growth Acceleration System

Get Clear on Your Goals, Become More Self-Sufficient in Your Marketing, and Build an Unshakable Foundation to Grow Business Faster
and Stay Relevant through Any Economic Climate.

Model the Marketing Systems That Make Big Companies the Big Bucks,
with Me, a 20-Year Results Strategist, As Your Personal Consultant.

  1. 1
    Collaborate 1-on-1 with me, as I look objectively at your business and help pinpoint your biggest obstacle to growth and your most significant profit leak. Uncover exactly what's been holding you back from reaching the next level. Also understand exactly what you must do differently during this recession to not only sustain business, but maintain growth.
  2. 2
    Once we've established your hurdles and you've had time to plug the leaks, I'll break down the inner workings of 10 proven-effective, multi-million dollar marketing systems you can use to achieve more consistency in clients, referrals, and revenue for your business.
  3. 3
    Ask me any questions you have as you're learning, for a full 60 days, to be sure you master the proven strategies that made "bank" for multi-million dollar companies. The content is set up in such a way to help you easily identify which systems will perform best for your unique business, at THIS stage, in THIS climate.
  4. 4
    You'll also get fill-in-the-blank templates for every marketing system, to  help you easily outline -- in less than an hour -- your exact next steps to apply them, and start building natural momentum and sustainability into your business model.
  5. 5
    Finally, I'll work closely with you again to help you finalize a set of realistic, most easily attainable, BEST next steps you should follow to achieve your goal(s) the fastest and fuel your journey to YOUR next level.

It's broken into five modules:


A "Real-Stage Reveal" Scan & Re-Route

$1,000 value

The "Real-Stage Reveal" (RSR) is a scan of your current situation, which takes a look at your industry and the current climate, as well as your website, product/service, and operations.

You'll then get a "re-route" summary, a set of high-priority recommendations to get your business (back) on the right track. It helps pinpoint the CURRENT strengths, weaknesses, and challenges causing some of your biggest growth obstacles and profit leaks.

As those things are crucial to factor in when designing and implementing a RESULTS-focused marketing plan, you'll get the Real-Stage Reveal report to review and act on before going any further.

Because think about a time you tried leaving to go to work, back home, or an important appointment... and your car wouldn't start.

Why wouldn’t it?
Was it the starter?
Were you out of gas?
Was your fuel pump shot?
Fuel not getting any spark?

When you called in the experts, they asked you a series of questions (or just ran tests) to figure it out. And until they were able to identify the problem, guess what...?

You were stuck in the driveway.

The same is true with your business: If you don't understand WHY you’re not moving, you'll stay stuck in “Park.” The Real-Stage Reveal process helps get you out of "Park" and onto the highway.


Marketing Twists™ (digital guidebook)

$300 value


The main guide reveals the inner workings of ten (10) Million-Dollar Marketing Strategies, systems that multi-million dollar companies used or use to make a killing in their industry.

Each one is broken down into three components:

  1. 1
    “The Million-Dollar Strategy”: Here's where I thoroughly break down, in plain English, everything you must understand to start considering how you might use it for YOUR business.

    This is the What, the How, and the Why of the system:

    A) WHAT was the company's goal?

    B) HOW did they achieve that, and using what methods or strategies?

    C) WHY was that system so effective? 
  1. 2
    “Things to Note”: These are insider tips and secrets from marketing pros that can take your campaign to the next level.

    - How can we improve results even more?
    - What additional stuff should we consider when marketing online, instead of off?
    - What are some psychological tricks similar campaigns use that YOU could apply to your business?

    Things to Note also warns you of common pitfalls to avoid when applying the strategies.
  1. 3
    “Using It Online”: Once I explain what makes the Million-Dollar Strategy so effective, you’re given at least one detailed example of a Growth Acceleration System YOU can implement in your business online.

    Get specific ideas and actionable insights to guide you easily to the next step: implementation.

These are the 10 twists you’ll get instant access to with your order:

Discover the Mind-Blowingly Effective, Easy-to-Apply Strategy this Chain Used to Open a FLOODGATE of Orders Like ClockworkLiterally–Every Single Week... Right When Their Customers Were MOST Hungry for Their Offer (p. 8)

Duplicate One Company’s
Deceptively Simple Strategy to
Boost Customer Satisfaction,
Transforming Their
Slowest Night Of The Week
Into a Steady Stream Of New Orders (p. 18)

Start reading.

Obtain the Exact Strategy
One Major Franchise Uses to
Dominate Their Niche By Creating a Cult-Like Fan Base, Reducing Staff Workload, Putting Referrals On Autopilot, and Eliminating All “Competition” In the Eyes of Their Clients (p. 26)

Discover the “Lazy” Strategy One Ethnic Restaurant Uses to
Win More Word of Mouth Referrals,
Make Existing Customers Ecstatic, and
Increase Customer Loyalty, 
for Just a Few Cents on the Dollar (p. 37)

An Effortless,
“Set It And Forget It” Tactic to Virtually 
Guarantee that 
Business Partners Fanatically
Promote YOUR Business More Consistently, and Above Any Other Partnerships (p. 43)

The Startlingly Easy-to-Apply Tactic One Indie Music Store Used to
Build Extreme Customer Loyalty and
Guarantee Consistent NEW Orders
From PAST Customers... All While Inspiring an Easy Stream of New Referrals (p. 47)

Start reading.

A Simple, Yet Super-Effective Way to
Get Customers to Choose YOU Over the Competition and Keep Them Coming Back... While Also Eliminating Cheapskates
from Your Roster (p. 51)

Discover A Local Auto Dealer's 110% Foolproof Strategy to Make Choosing YOU Over Competitors
a No-Brainer ... to
 Get a Fast Foothold In ANY New Field, and Level the Playing Field from Day One. (p. 59)

Uncover the Mind-Bogglingly
Seductive Tactics this Luxury Product Manufacturer Used to 
Lure Quality Customers Right Out from Under Competitors' Noses, Build an Intensely Loyal Fan-Base, and Take Over the Market (p. 63)

Discover the Common Sense
“Secret” One Zany Entrepreneur Used To
Become a World-Famous Niche Expert Fast, Making Millions of Dollars with Nearly Two Dozen Products (p. 72)

Start reading.


Ten “1-Hour ACTION Agendas”

$250 value

1-Hour Action Agendas COVER IMAGE

The Marketing Twists™ guide showed you everything you need to know -- and critical pitfalls to avoid -- to be able to USE the Million-Dollar Strategy of your choice in your business.

The ten 1-Hour Action Agendas are fill-in-the-blank templates to help you lay out a new marketing system for your business in less than 60 minutes.

If you're not a marketing professional, you’re busy serving your clients and running your business. You may not have the energy, patience, or even desire to "figure out" how to actually APPLY what you've learned. 

And now, you don't have to.

Each worksheet asks a series of quick questions to be sure you’ve covered everything that's crucial to the success of that strategy. (Remember those crucial "Things to Note" about the Twists in the digital guide? They're all covered here.)

So once you’ve filled in the blanks, you'll literally have an “agenda” of next action steps to take to implement your Million-Dollar Strategy.


2 Months of PRIVATE, 1-to-1 “How-it-Works” Support 

$1,000 value

Don’t understand something covered in Marketing Twists™?

Stuck on a question on your 1-Hour Action Agenda?

Unsure of how best to follow a Real-Stage Reveal "re-route" recommendation?

No worries, I'm here to help with the above issues for two full months. Just leave an audio message or support ticket; I’ll shoot you a reply by email, or as a quick audio or video in response, twice weekly.

My goal is to make sure you THOROUGHLY understand how it all works, so you’re ready to fully harness the power of these high-impact systems to drive more business to YOUR business.

But why?

When you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals that money-making marketing work, it empowers you to take control of the growth of your business.

You'll have more confidence in your own ability to come up with marketing ideas that fit YOUR business at any stage, whether now or in the future. Even in a challenging economy.

You won't have to feel overly dependent on the advice of any expert.

You'll be more self-sufficient, and can start partnering with consultants and advisors for next-level growth advice, rather than having to consult them for (or wonder about!) any and every low-level marketing decision.

By the way, I know how much anxiety it can produce to ask certain questions in public, even when "public" is just a few  others working on the same things as you. So no worries about "putting yourself on blast" here.

The questions you send are completely private. This is not a public forum or "private" Facebook group setup. You send your question through the private ticket system, or the private audio messaging system... and they come directly to my inbox.


A LIVE, 1-on-1 Power-45 Implementation Session

$700 value

You’ve read and chosen the Million-Dollar Strategy you want to use. 

You’ve filled out your 1-Hour Action Agenda, giving you a concrete outline of next steps to act on. 

And you’ve asked any questions you had about the Strategy, your RSR "re-route" steps, or the Agenda, to make sure you understand everything you need to, to get REAL RESULTS from your campaign. 

The Power-45 is your last stop. 

This is a live, laser-focused, 45-minute, personal and private 1-to-1 session where I walk you through applying the Million-Dollar Strategy to your business.

I'll ensure your Agenda is thorough and informative, for instance (where applicable) that you:

- are using a response-generating ad (where applicable),
- will be promoting in the right venue,
- will drive traffic to a website designed to convert, and
- are promoting a solid, high-interest offer.

I'll ensure you're clear on the BEST ways to apply your chosen strategy, even recommending any tools you may need, things to watch out for, spilling all the inside tips, secrets, and recommendations I've learned over the past 20 years to put you on the road to better results as quickly and cost-effectively as humanly possible.

Once we’re done, you’ll receive an audio recording or written outline of our session, so you'll have everything you need to act immediately.

Schedule it anytime within 60 days of ordering, and ask me anything -- I’m here to help.

TOTAL VALUE: $3,250.00

But you won’t have to invest that amount to start leveling up your business.

I’ve put together a special bundle for you to get everything above at a greatly reduced rate for acting today.

By the way:

Your Investment Today
Helps Us Give Back to Under-Served Communities
and Attack Income Inequality.

For years, my company has consistently donated and devoted funds, talent, and time to causes chiefly related to social and economic equality, social justice, and human rights.

As with anything you ever buy from any business I own...
a portion of your investment today will also be donated
toward attacking the wealth gap and correcting systemic imbalances.

Here are a few letters we’ve gotten from people we’ve helped:

“...these iPads have made a world of difference with my Kinders.”

"Dear Excellent Presence,

"I truly appreciate your donations to allow my students to have IPads in our kindergarten classroom. [...] These iPads that you have helped to purchase has allowed my Kinders to have another reading workshop in the classroom. Their favorite apps include sight words, teach your monster, ABC Mouse, and fish HD by duck duck moose.

"Using these iPads in the classroom has been very exciting. When I first introduced the iPads their little faces all lit up. They were very anxious to start using them right away. The one iPad we do have in the classroom is still getting much use, so being able to have two more is a blessing! These apps are really encouraging them to learn more sight words, letter identification & sounds, and using words in sentences. All of which is helping on interims and state tests!

"With working in a Title I School, the majority of my students do not have access to resources, technology, and other things at home. Having these iPads have made a world of difference with my Kinders. They are getting used to navigating the iPads, learning to work the apps with independence, and working together to help one another when they need help. Having the iPads are something new in our classroom and it's a favorite amongst them and I truly appreciate you all for your assistance in getting this "tech in kinder".

Mrs. Johnson
Kindergarten Teacher,
​Preeminent Charter School, Raleigh NC
[More than three‑quarters of students from low‑income households]

“...they light up when we play these small group reading games.”

"Dear Excellent Presence,

I want to start by saying thank you for making this project a reality for my classroom. The materials that arrived were even better than we had pictured. [...]

In addition to being high-quality materials, these games and activities have provided high-quality and interesting content that my students have enjoyed engaging with. [...] Receiving the materials you provided to these learners has been a really special find and they light up when we play these small group reading games. 

During special activity times students have even sought out friends and adults to play these games with and they have provided hours of educational enrichment and social engagement.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity and support of these amazing young adults."

Mrs. Acrey
10th Grade IEP Teacher,
Wakefield High School, Raleigh NC
[More than one-third of students from low‑income households]

“...helped our children beyond belief.”

"Dear Excellent Presence,

Thank you so much for the basic essentials that were bought for our school. We received wipes, combs, brushes and toothbrushes/toothpaste. 

These are items that were greatly needed. [...] Children can learn better with clean faces and hands. [...] Thank you again for your donations it has helped our children beyond belief."

Mrs. Whitley
1st Grade Teacher,
Scotland Neck Elementary Leadership Academy, NC
[Nearly all students from low‑income households]

Ready to Make a Difference and Make a Change?

Now, you can mimic and master the time-tested,
high-powered marketing systems of million-dollar companies and
finally start leveling the playing field.

Get a proven system to boost business growth and sustainability,
no matter where you're starting from.


This program is based on 20 years of experience in the marketing trenches, figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and why.

So I know it will work for YOU, if you work IT. And that’s the key:

I’m only interested in working with a select few dedicated move-makers.

After that, I plan to move on to other projects.

That's why the PREMIUM (1-to-1) program is open to NO MORE THAN 50 7 MORE clients.

I run two other businesses, and have several other personal- and business-related projects planned for the near future. So as not to become overwhelmed, and so I have time to devote to those pending projects, I'm limiting MTG Premium to 25 to 50 seven (7) more sold, max.

So please don't miss out. If you're ready to make moves that take your business to the next level, I’m here to help YOU make a change while the option is still open.

Up to 50 7 new clients can Get MTG Premium today,
$3,250 Value, for...

Marketing Twists G.A.S.: PREMIUM

For the super-focused action-taker, from advanced to beginner, who wants the TOTAL Growth Acceleration System and FASTEST results, including the intensive, LIVE, 1-on-1 private support, business development help, and consulting to level up as quickly as possible.


  • Marketing Twists guidebook ($300 value)
  • 1-Hour Action Agendas ($250 value)
  • 2 Full Months of PRIVATE, 1-to-1 "How it Works" Support ($1,000 value)
  • A Real-Stage Reveal analysis and report, to identify your current most urgent action items and profit leaks ($1,000 value)
  • A LIVE, 1-on-1 "Power-45" Implementation Session ($700 value)
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • BONUS: Earn up to $249.00 CASH for EACH new client YOU refer to Marketing Twists G.A.S.!

TOTAL VALUE: $3,250.00

Only 50 (or less) will be sold:



Marketing Twists G.A.S.: PREMIUM


  • Marketing Twists guidebook ($300 value)
  • 1-Hour Action Agendas ($250 value)
  • 2 Full Months of PRIVATE, 1-to-1 "How it Works" Support ($1,000 value)
  • A Real-Stage Reveal PLUS one LIVE, 1-on-1 "Power-45" Implementation Session ($1,700 value)
  • FREE lifetime updates, and
  • BONUS: Earn up to $249.00 CASH for EACH new client you refer to Marketing Twists!
Your Price (save $50 for launch!):
2 equal, biweekly payments of:

$499 $449

Or, for entrepreneurs not quite ready for 1-on-1 support, consulting, and strategic results improvement help:

Marketing Twists: REGULAR

For the seasoned action-taker needing NO 1-on-1 support, who can confidently learn & master new marketing concepts, tailor them to their business, and implement them without help.


  • Marketing Twists book ($300 value)
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • BONUS: Earn up to $249.00 CASH for EACH new client you refer to Marketing Twists G.A.S.

TOTAL VALUE: $300.00

Your Price:

Marketing Twists: PLUS

For the intermediate-level action taker needing NO 1-on-1 support, who's gotten at least moderate results marketing online, and who can implement the systems independently, with fill-in-the-blank templates.


Your Price:

As promised in the beginning... you can't lose.

I GUARANTEE an increase in your results, or the Premium program is FREE…
and I’ll pay YOU an extra $50.00 for wasting your time.

My 1-Year "Money Back + $50.00" Guarantee:

If you apply all five modules of Marketing Twists™ G.A.S. PREMIUM to a viable offer, 
follow my recommendations, and still don’t see an increase in your

leads, clients, orders, revenue, donations, subscribers, 
or whatever specific, measurable goal we set out for you to achieve…

just let me know within 12 months of your order.

$50.00 EXTRA DOLLARS just to say “sorry” for wasting your time.*

*NOTE: While I do guarantee results, I do not and obviously cannot guarantee that your results will improve within a certain span of time. How quickly you see increases is entirely up to you. Please note also that this guarantee applies only to clients willing to DO THE WORK. I cannot and do not guarantee increases if my recommendations are not followed and/or if your work is not fully completed in a quality way.

(I'm sure YOU understood that already, Fam... This blurb was for the slackers. Glad they're gone now; that was getting uncomfortable... :-})

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this program? Why not just keep selling strategic Web results services?

I can help exponentially more people by selling products than I can by selling only services.

Like I alluded to above… across the years, I couldn’t help but notice the number of businesses I wasn’t able to help because they just weren’t ready for professional services.

So, we still do offer strategic services at Excellent Presence, where setting all this up is done for you... Marketing Twists G.A.S. is just for a different subset of our market. 

But if you're familiar with my brand at all, you know that I do what I do in order to help "US." I saw that I wasn't doing that as completely and as effectively as I wanted... and I felt like I was failing.

No, I won't sugarcoat it. 


So THIS program is for the full or partial do-it-yourselfer at ANY company that wants or needs to build maximum growth potential INTO its business model.

No business offering quality services/products should have to desperately chase down clients, or risk going under. Sales should beget sales. Customers should beget customers.

MT G.A.S. is about helping "us" create self-sustaining businesses -- without working ourselves to the bone in the process.

Why should I listen to you?

When I started at 19 and converted my new biz from side hustle to full-time in 11 months… I was completely new to business.

I was completely new to the industry of marketing

I had exactly ZERO prior training, not even a single business management class in college.

Not even a single book on marketing OR business at all!

And about 1.5 years after converting to full-time, I had authored the best-selling, most authoritative, DEFINITIVE guide on how to get a #1 listing on

Did you catch that this is a highly-specialized marketing topic… although I’d broken into the industry just 18 months before that with NO marketing experience?


I achieved this with NO funding, only a single credit card (my first ever, with a low limit of course). Everything I learned, I learned QUICKLY by studying business & marketing greats, and through hands-on trial and error.  

I self promoted strictly through strategic, well-tailored marketing hacks on a super-shoestring budget, using mostly free and low-cost strategies to dominate my market.

Several of these strategies, I teach to YOU now, in this program.

About how much will it cost to implement the 10 marketing systems into my business?

​Good news:

Most of the "Using it Online" examples were actually implemented for FREE, or at a very low-cost. (Remember, many of these are the exact strategies I used to convert my side hustle to full-time in 11 months... at age 19, with no funding.)

So even if you were to copy the examples exactly and apply them to your business, you'd be able to do so for a negligible cost -- if any cost at all.

Remember also that the goal is to teach you how to customize these in ways that fit YOUR business and YOUR current situation. So if YOU need low- or no-cost options for any G.A.S., we can work it out so they're low- or no-cost.

FYI, any expense you'd encounter would be when you're trying to automate pieces of the systems, so that you don't have to do any more work once they're set up. (Of course, automation should always be your goal, wherever possible.) Even then, you can likely find services for this at maybe anywhere between $10 and $100/mo, per service.

Are you shipping me something?

Nope, not this time.

The main guide and agendas are in PDF format.

The 2 months of How-it-Works Support is offered digitally (email, audio, video). 

The Real-Stage Reveal analysis is done using online forms and delivered by email.

The Power-45 is done via live phone call.

My business is brand new. I don’t have any traffic or sales! Can Marketing Twists G.A.S. still help me?


As you’ve seen, this product is designed mostly for businesses that already have a steady stream of website visitors and sales coming in. That’s because it’s easier to maximize your results if you’re already getting results to maximize.

However, there IS a Twist included that will help you generate orders and traffic FAST. (See Twist #1 from the TOC above.) This is the Twist I strongly recommend if you’re just starting out. (But I also recommend you using it again and again, no matter how long you've been in business!)

Also, as a startup, it’s better to build these self-sustaining marketing and biz growth systems into your processes NOW, from the start.

Isn’t it best to avoid wasting a ton of time and energy by doing things inefficiently... and just go ahead and get set up profitably, from jump?

I’ve been in business for 20+ years. I’ve seen it all and read a lot. How helpful will this program REALLY be for someone like me?

It depends on the types of circles you’ve been in.

Being in business for 20+ years doesn’t mean you’ve been marketing profitably for 20+ years.
It doesn’t mean you’ve been doing business efficiently for 20+ years.
And it definitely doesn’t mean you’ve been maximizing your company’s TRUE potential for 20+ years.

Here’s a test:

If you find yourself working longer hours than you’d like, working harder than you want, dealing with customer, administrative, or staff issues you shouldn’t be dealing with, and just wanting to make MORE money, get MORE clients, or attract BETTER quality clients… then MT G.A.S. will help you.

Understand, this is a tandem book, a set of templates, and a consulting system.

The literature is to help teach you advanced strategies and spawn profitable ideas.

The consulting is to help you INDIVIDUALIZE those strategies and apply them practically, to boost YOUR  specific business.

I will also say that... I use a number of Twists in my own businesses. And I get EXCITED every time I read the book. Every single time, even to this day. I mean... I know I wrote it and all, but...

If it can excite and inspire someone who's been in marketing specifically for nearly two decades... wouldn't you think it could help your business, too?

I also use the 1-Hour Action Agendas to help me implement the million-dollar marketing concepts quickly to my own businesses. And I revisit the Real-Stage Reveal process at least about once per year to reveal profit leaks and challenges when I need to refocus, get grounded, and prepare to boost my business to the next level.

If my business isn't Black-owned, can I still purchase this?


Just like marketing is marketing, whether online, offline, or on the moon... effective marketing strategies and systems like the ones in MT G.A.S. can be applied to any business.

I don’t want to order yet. Will you hold this special for me until ________?

Sorry, bad news:

I will not. ;-(

This special rate isn’t a ploy to drum up orders; this really is an EXTREMELY TIME-LIMITED special offer.

With as much time, energy, experience, and brain power go into the Real-Stage Reveal and Power-45… and as much as I’ve charged for similar services over at Excellent Presence... it’s an AMAZING deal, really, to offer this package at this rate.

Once time is up, it’s up, I’m afraid.

And again, ALL support and sessions are PRIVATE. These are not group sessions. You'll not be subject to group support. So, as I still run other businesses (and prefer to keep enjoying the freedom that inspired me to remain an entrepreneur in the first place), my time is at a premium.

The good news is that the sooner you order, the sooner you can LEVEL UP, and start getting MAXIMUM results for far less work than you’ve been doing. Isn’t that the way you’d rather do it?

Why are you offering such an unbelievable guarantee? I've never seen anything like it, and I'm suspicious.

Well, I get why some people might say that. And here's the thing (well, two):

1. The guarantee applies to MT GAS Premium, not Plus or Regular. 

Not that they won't work for you when you work independently, but... you know how people are, Fam.

Not saying YOU, but people can be unfocused, overworked, overwhelmed, unmotivated, lazy, fearful... or however we can get that prevents us from TAKING ACTION to change our situation. 

I'm running a business here (hello, wealth gap!). So I'm not willing to take a loss for the occasional "serial refunder" to come by, get the goods, and get over by getting ghost.

I'm 40 years old; I'm just not here for it.

2. I don't view it ask a risk to guarantee that this proven system will work for ANY business that works it, because... I know that I know what I'm talking about.

Behind the scenes or otherwise, I've been doing this for a long time. Even when I'm not actively "doing it," I sure am thinking about it.

I live and breathe strategy. You can see that at

And I have every confidence in my skills, talents, brilliance, and expertise.

No need pretending that I don't.

So? I've put my $$$ where my mouth is, and I see no reason not to guarantee increases to ACTION takers. And my market is a market of dedicated action-takers.

What's the big whoop?

There are other reasons too that, at this point, I won't bore you with. (Good God, this whole thing has gotten SO long already...)

One more thing:

It's obvious you'll love the program. So I want to reward you for the referrals you'll send.

Our Cash-for-Referrals program is coming soon, where you'll have your own private Web address to share to recommend new clients to Marketing Twists. When you do, I'll kick you up to 25% of the current selling price.

But even before the program is officially set up, just make sure your referrals mention you on the order form, and I'll make sure you get a cash reward. I'll email more details about how it all works after your order.

(And, hey... advance thanks!)

It's time to upgrade your business, marketing, and life, to start working less and earning more from your efforts, so that consistent growth in ANY climate becomes EASIER for YOU.

Order now, 100% risk-free, and
we'll get started together.


HTMajor Sig
Author, Consultant, and Owner

P. S. I wanted to show you a real-world example of how Marketing Twists™ could boost results, regardless of which program level you chose: 

Hypothetically, let’s say you sell a $100 product and average 100 visitors per day to your website.

You convert 1% of those 100 visitors to buyers each day, which currently amounts to one, $100 order a day, for 7 sales per week, or $700 per week.

So you, NOW:

If 1% of every 100 visitors buys, you NOW get $100 revenue per 100 visitors.
Multiplied x 7 days, that's $700/wk.

Let's say you introduce your first Marketing Twist … and because you're still getting the hang of how everything works, let’s say that Twist "only" increases your conversion by a sustained 1%.

Already, that's $700.00 more per week that you wouldn't have gotten without the program.

You, AFTER Marketing Twists™ G.A.S.:

If 2% of every 100 visitors buys, you'd THEN get $200 revenue per 100 visitors.
Multiplied x 7 days, THAT would be $1,400.00/wk.

An additional $700.00 in the bank each month, (for example), is a pretty awesome increase for using just ONE Growth Acceleration System … which you'll probably never have to touch again.

And even better, just that slight increase would pay for this course several times over in under 30 days.

And with me there to PERSONALLY HELP you put your first Twist into practice...
the only way you could lose is if you ignore all my recommendations.

Your total investment today--for the Premium Marketing Twists™ Growth Acceleration System--including private, live one-on-one consulting from me, and my rock-solid results guarantee--is a one-time payment of just … $3,250.00 $997 $997.

P. P. S. Remember, your purchase today gets you:

1) The MARKETING TWISTS™ guidebook ($300 value), revealing the inner workings of TEN Million-Dollar Marketing Strategies offline companies used or use to make a killing in their industry. Copy these high-impact promos directly, or “twist” them to create unlimited ways to get more leads, clients, sales, and referrals.

2) TEN “1-Hour ACTION Agendas” ($250 value), helping you summarize and consider everything crucial to the success of that strategy before you apply it to your business. These fill-in-the-blank sheets serve as an “agenda” of next steps YOU can take to start applying the Million-Dollar Strategy immediately… in under an hour.

3) 60 DAYS of “How it Works” multimedia support ($1,000 value). Ask ANY question you need to if you get stuck on any part of Marketing Twists™ or the Agendas, and get a fast reply -- PRIVATELY -- by email, audio, or video once weekly. 

4) One POWER-45 Implementation Consult & one Real-Stage Reveal analysis ($1,700 value), an in-depth review of your current situation, where I point out strengths, challenges, and current profit leaks, then a LIVE, PRIVATE 1-to-1 phone Implementation Session directly with me where I guide you through applying a Million-Dollar Strategy to your business. Need to brainstorm? Need advice on tools? Need help choosing the best strategy for YOUR business? Ask me anything; I’m there to help.

5) BONUS: FREE updates FOR LIFE on Marketing Twists™, the main guidebook, and the 1-Hour Action Agendas.

6) BONUS: FREE entry to the Cash-for-Referrals program, to earn up to $249.00 for EVERY new client you refer to Marketing Twists™, for a limited time. (How’s that as a way to say THANKS for your referrals?)

7) BONUS: A portion of your investment is donated to help under-served communities and correct the wealth gap.

8) 12-Month "MONEY BACK + $50" Guarantee: Get a full refund + $50.00 more if you apply all five modules of MT G.A.S. PREMIUM to a viable offer, follow my recommendations, and still don’t see an increase in the goal we set out for you to achieve.

TOTAL VALUE: $3,250.00… your investment today, just $3,250 $997 $997.

I’ve literally removed ALL risk from your purchase today.
And a portion of the proceeds will go to a worthy cause.

 Now, you can push confidently forward to increasing your leads, sales, customer happiness, revenue, and word of mouth referrals... all while solidifying YOUR place in the marketplace, helping build generational wealth, and continuing to make a difference for "us."

I look forward to working with you.

(Remember: No more than 50 ONLY 7 MORE Premium systems will be sold. Get yours before it's gone.)

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